Train fatalities, railroad worker injuries, and passenger injuries… simply put, that is what we do.

We work closely with victims of railroad and train related injuries and seek justice for our clients, whether they are injured railroad workers or injured passengers. We have handled numerous PATH and New Jersey Transit cases. From the May 2013 Metro North train wreck in Bridgeport, to the Metro North train crash in the Bronx in December of 2013, and the May 2015 Philadelphia Amtrak train derailment, we worked hard and continue to do so to get fair and just outcomes for our clients.

When Railroads negligently cause injuries to employees and passengers, we strive to hold Railroads accountable to federal statutory and regulatory standards as well as common law standards. Our goal is to make Railroads maintain the highest safety standards possible.

If you want to ask any questions about any potential railroad related injury, you can call and speak to George Cahill or Scott Perry.