Railroad accidents often impact whole communities

Any Connecticut worker who has ever been involved an on-the-job accident understands the long-lasting effects such incidents can have on those involved as well as on anyone who happened to witness the accident as it occurred. Where railroad accidents are concerned, sometimes, the noise of a crash can be heard for great distances. A couple in another state recently experienced the fright of such things when they heard an explosion while watching TV at home.

The cause of the explosion was a massive head-on collision that took place when a moving train switched tracks and ran directly into another train that was stopped. The local man said he and his wife were watching a basketball game together when they heard the sound of the crash. They immediately called 911 and then went outside to see if they could be of assistance at the accident scene.

The man said an injured railroad worker was lying in his driveway, so he helped get him inside the house while they awaited rescue workers. The worker had apparently injured his neck. Several other people suffered injuries in the train wreck and were taken to local hospital facilities for treatment. There were 200 rail cars and eight locomotives involved in the collision.

Upon impact, 13 of the train cars and locomotives from both trains were derailed. One of the trains was apparently carrying diesel fuel. It ignited into flames that were later put out by cleanup crews. Crew members also worked to clean up several oil spills that occurred during the collision. Connecticut railroad accidents like this one often lead to lengthy investigations and sometimes litigation when a railroad worker’s injuries are determined to have been caused by administration negligence.

Source:, “UPDATE: Cleanup underway after train crash in Scott Co.“, March 19, 2018

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