Railroad accidents: When passengers are severely injured

Trains are a common mode of transportation in Connecticut. Many people use them to commute to and from work. Railroad companies are obligated to provide proper training and equipment to keep workers and passengers safe. When railroad accidents occur and passengers are hurt, investigators must determine whether negligence was a causal factor in a particular incident.

A light rail train operator in another state has come under fire regarding a derailment that caused a passenger to be ejected from the train. She suffered a serious foot injury. Several other passengers suffered severe injuries in the collision, even though initial post-accident reports stated that only minor injuries were suffered.

Investigators say the train was traveling in a snow storm and rounded a bend doing approximately 30 mph. Officials say most train operators are instructed to navigate similar bends under similar conditions at approximately 10 mph. This fact has prompted crash investigators to conclude that excessive speed was the likely cause of the derailment. Local police have recommended that criminal assault charges be filed against the train operator. Such charges would be tried in criminal court although a personal injury victim may be able to make use of the evidence from a related criminal case in civil court to help substantiate his or her claim.

Connecticut railroad accidents can be complex when injured passengers may choose to file personal injury claims in civil court. However, injured railroad workers may file similar claims against their employers if they believe employer negligence caused their injuries. An attorney who is experienced in railroad litigation would definitely be a valuable asset to have on hand in any train accident resulting in personal injury.

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