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The New York railroad injury attorneys practicing at Cahill & Perry, P.C. appreciate the stress and tremendous inconvenience that lands on your shoulders if you are the victim of a railroad injury. In addition to protecting your legal rights, we are concerned with your future and will diligently seek a comprehensive recovery with the intention of compensating you for your injuries and securing your family’s future.

In 1908, Congress passed the FELA, Federal Employers’ Liability Act, to protect railroad workers and their families and to afford them financial reparations for any work related injuries while giving railroads an economic incentive to provide employees with safe working conditions.

Are you entitled to railroad disability benefits?

As an injured railroad worker, you need to prove that the railroad company did not provide you a safe environment to work and because of this, even to the slightest degree, you sustained your injury. This rule also applies to companies that manufacture railroad equipment which perhaps was faulty or unsafe. More specifically, railroad employers must provide the following workplace conditions and if they do not and someone is injured they can be found responsible:

  • Safe equipment, machinery, and an adequately safe workplace.
  • Workplace without any apparent dangers.
  • Sufficient instruction on using equipment or tools, as well as sufficient help or supervision.
  • Protection from other railroad workers and any harm they can cause.
  • Implement regulations and policies regarding safety.
  • Work assignments that are safe and attainable.

If your experienced New York railroad injury attorney can prove that your employer was negligent in some way and that you have suffered an injury because of it, then you will qualify to receive disability benefits under FELA. Since there is not a tremendous amount of evidence that needs to brought to light in order for a FELA claim to be successful it is definitely worth your time and energy to pursue filing a claim if you have been injured.

The New York FELA attorneys at the law firm of Cahill & Perry, P.C. who have been practicing railroad law for 45 years, are ready to fight for what you are entitled to under New York FELA law.

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