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Traumatic Brain Injury, Impact Injury, Permanent Disability

A brain injury can impact your ability to work, communicate and even manage day-to-day tasks that once came easy. If you or someone you love has suffered a brain injury while working on a railroad, you are entitled to pursue compensation for lost wages, medical expenses, long-term care needs, pain and suffering, and other losses. For more than 45 years, Cahill & Perry, P.C., has served victims and their families throughout the Northeast region including New York, Boston, Massachusetts, New Jersey, and Connecticut. Our lawyers are dedicated to helping you recover the financial support your family needs to heal and move forward.

Complex Medical Claims and Your Rights

Brain injuries can be subtle, affecting speech, mood, emotions, and work capabilities. If you have suffered a brain injury, or you suspect that your loved one has suffered a brain injury or “changed” since an accident, it is important to seek medical and legal advice as soon as possible. Our attorneys will help you get the medical support and assistance you need. These cases can be difficult to prove and require intensive medical investigation and documentation.

We are a railroad worker victims’ rights firm with extensive experience handling both FELA (Federal Employers Liability Act) and FRSA (Federal Railway Safety Act) claims and investigations. Our railroad brain injury attorneys represent clients throughout New York, Connecticut, Boston, Massachusetts, New Jersey, and nationally, in cases involving:

  • Traumatic brain injury
  • Paralysis
  • Loss of speech or cognitive ability
  • Depression and mood change
  • Inability to work

Helping Your Family Move Forward

Our attorneys understand how overwhelming it can be for victims and families after an accident. We will take the time to understand the unique situation faced by your family, review your rights and options, and help you take necessary steps to move forward. Brain injuries can impact your ability to work and your everyday functioning. We will fight for your rights to recover compensation for immediate medical expenses as well as long-term care needs.

If you have been injured in a railroad accident or as a railroad employee, please call 800-576-0515 or contact us by e-mail to arrange a free confidential consultation with our FELA lawyers.

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If you are a railroad worker who has been injured on the job, you need a lawyer who understands the complicated FELA claims process. Find out how we can help you receive the compensation you deserve.

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