Common Railroad Injuries and How an Attorney Can Help

work accident on the railway tracksInjuries from working on the railroad are very common. Railroad injuries also tend to be more severe than other workplace accidents.

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, employees of railroads are twice as likely to be killed on the job as any other American worker because of the severity of railroad injuries.

The important role that railroads and their employees play in the American economy, Congress has set up a special workers’ compensation program — the Federal Employers Liability Act, to cover railroad workplace injuries. If you have been injured while working for a railroad company, you should not settle any claim until you consult with a railroad accident attorney.

Common Railroad Injuries

Many types of injuries can happen around railroads and railroad equipment.

Crushing Injuries

Heavy equipment moves fast in rail yards, and many workers are crushed between or underneath moving rail cars or locomotives.

Run Over by Train

Railroad workers must work near and with locomotives and cars. Trains often back up and start forward in railroad yards as they couple and uncouple cars, drop off cars for delivery or pick up cars to carry loads away. Every year, many injury cases arise from railroad workers being struck by the trains they are working with.


Many locomotives are powered by electricity, either overhead or through the rails themselves. Workers can be electrocuted, burned, or even killed by the powerful voltage used by railroad electrical systems.

Back and Neck Injuries

Railroad work requires a lot of lifting and heavy work. Heavy repetitive work can easily lead to back and neck strain over a long period. Many claims on behalf of injured workers involve railroad back injury settlements.

Hazardous Material Injuries

Railroads ship many dangerous chemicals, and leaks and spills happen, whether by accident in shipping or serious derailments. Railroads also use many dangerous chemicals, and long-term exposure can lead to cancers or other slow-developing injuries.

Shoulder and Knee Injuries

In addition to neck injuries, shoulders and knees can easily be injured by the heavy work found in railway yards. Shoulder and knee joints are surprisingly delicate, and injuries to either are very difficult to recover from. The result is often permanent disability, which must be compensated by the employer. Cahill & Perry P.C. handles many railroad shoulder injury settlements.

Disfiguring Injuries and Amputations

Train accident injuries tend to be more severe than other types of workplace injuries. Because of the heavy equipment involved, any accident is more likely to lead to disfigurement. If injuries to a limb are too severe, it must be amputated.

Debris and Construction Injuries

Work on the railroad right of way can lead to injuries from rocks or debris thrown or kicked up by passing trains or construction equipment. Tools and construction debris can also fall on workers.

Head Injuries

Many railroad workers are struck by falling objects. Cargo can fall while being loaded or unloaded. Tools can be dropped from a height. Too often, railroad workers suffer serious head trauma from workplace accidents.

Making a Claim for Common Railroad Injuries

FELA is designed specifically to provide workers’ compensation protection for railroad workers. Besides covering injured workers, FELA covers the workplace conditions of railroads and protects workers by mandating a safer working environment.

As with other types of workplace injury claims, such as workers’ compensation, the first step in making a FELA claim is to file an accident report with your employer. Your report will explain the circumstances surrounding the accident and the injuries you suffered.

In preparing your report, you should consult with an experienced railroad accident attorney. They can guide you on how to present the facts surrounding your injury.

At Cahill & Perry P.C., we routinely handle railroad workplace injuries and their claims under FELA.

We can consult with you about your injury and investigate your claim. If necessary, we can find experts to assist in developing the medical and workplace facts surrounding your injury. We can negotiate with the railroad and insurance carrier, and if necessary, we can represent your position in court zealously and effectively.

If you or a family member have been injured in a railroad workplace accident, contact us today for a consultation with an experienced railroad accident attorney.

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