Falls from locomotives frequent cause of railroad worker injuries

Trains may be larger than many Connecticut residents think, especially if they don’t have much firsthand experience with these massive machines. Working on a railroad is considered risky business, and many railroad worker injuries are suffered when workers fall from atop their standing positions on locomotive equipment. If a train happens to be moving when a fall occurs, the results are often disastrous.

When railroad workers suffer injuries on the job, the process they undergo to report the incidents and obtain benefits is a bit different from workers in other industries. This is because the Federal Employers Liability Act allows injured railroad workers to sue their employers for negligence. This means that an individual or railroad company can be held legally accountable for any medical bills or expenses a worker incurs in relation to a railroad accident, including pain and suffering.

Railroad accidents often result in injuries that necessitate long recovery periods, thus often preventing workers from returning to their duties. In a personal injury lawsuit, the wages lost, as well as potential to earn future wages, may be accounted for in the list of damages asserted in court. Most railroad companies aggressively fight back against negligence claims to avoid liability.

Many Connecticut residents who suffer railroad worker injuries increase their chances for obtaining verdicts in court by asking experienced attorneys to act on their behalves. Cahill & Perry, P.C. Attorneys at Law understand the possible long-term negative effects a railroad accident can have on a worker’s life. Thirty years of experience allows us to provide strong support to injured railroad workers and their families.

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