Railroad worker injuries resulted in $5 million jury verdict

A man who used to work for one of the largest freight railroad companies outside Connecticut recently scored a tremendous victory in court regarding multiple injuries he suffered on the job. His situation resulted in a railroad worker injuries jury trial, through which, a ruling was handed down against Burlington Northern Santa Fe Railroad to the tune of $5 million. The jury submitted their verdict after listening to courtroom arguments for more than a week.

The man was injured on two separate occasions. Following his recuperation after the first incident, he was able to return to work on the railroad. However, after the second accident that caused additional injuries, he became permanently disabled and unable to work.

The first injury occurred when a handrail the man was using at the time broke loose, causing him to fall on his back. It was later determined that the handrail had become defective during a train derailment that had happened earlier the same day. The jury ruled that BNSF Railroad is liable for the injuries the man sustained when he fell.

The injured worker underwent surgery to repair his injuries and went through a long, arduous recovery period afterward. It was a year and a half later before he was able to return to work. He suffered another permanently disabling injury when a defective pin-lifting lever failed as he was using it to separate rail cars.

BNSF Railroad says it plans to appeal the jury’s verdict. The railroad said it should not be held liable for the former conductor’s injuries. The man’s attorney said he and his client are very pleased that the man was able to obtain railroad worker injuries compensation by filing his claim through the Federal Employers Liability Act process, which enables injured railroad workers to seek justice against negligent employers. Connecticut railroad workers who need guidance regarding the FELA process may reach out for legal support as well.

Source:, “Seymour man injured at work wins millions in case against BNSF“, Brooke Crum, April 30, 2018

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