Two fatal injuries in separate accidents involving same railroad

If you’ve been an employee for a Connecticut railroad for some time, you likely have a keen understanding of how dangerous crossroads can be. Whether you’re a conductor, engineer or line worker, you no doubt have heard stories or experienced situations where train workers or other travelers or pedestrians were at risk, or perhaps, even injured in a railway collision.

On a railroad in another state, there were two fatal accidents in one day. One involved a pedestrian, the other, a motor vehicle carrying several occupants. Derailments, collisions and fatal injuries can be devastating experiences for those involved who survive and for the families of deceased victims. Such incidents often result in injuries to passengers and railroad workers. Many people endure lengthy recoveries as they deal with the emotional and physical trauma of railroad accidents.

Tuesday was not a good day on the Long Island Rail Road

Victims who survived one of two recent collisions on the LIRR say they felt as if they were in a bad movie, except they knew that what they were experiencing was real and terrifying. The main factors of the two crashes are included in the following list of information:

  • One collision occurred at a crossroads.
  • The other involved a pedestrian on the tracks.
  • In both accidents, there were fatalities.
  • Three occupants of the motor vehicle in the crossroads crash were believed to have been killed on impact.
  • The vehicle sustained such severe damage that officials could not identify its make.
  • Witnesses say the driver of the vehicle maneuvered around lowering crossroads gates to try to beat the train.
  • One train hit the car, which catapulted it onto another set of tracks where another train traveling at full speed struck it again.
  • The second accident occurred on the same day in another area; a train hit a pedestrian on the tracks between stations.

In the crossroads collision, there were numerous people injured in addition to the three fatalities. One passenger gave an account of her experience, saying she was quite fearful that she was not going to make it out alive. If you’re involved in a serious train crash, you may suffer serious injuries. However, you may also suffer injuries that are not immediately apparent.

Post-traumatic stress and other issues

Train collisions often result in death or permanent disability to surviving victims. Many people also suffer from post-traumatic stress disorder, which does not always produce physical symptoms, but can be just as debilitating. If you’re an injured worker dealing with such issues, it can be helpful to speak with a counselor. In addition to seeking support for psychological and physical healing, you may also want to talk to someone who can guide you through the benefits claim process.

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